About us


Who We Are

Our story

Founded in 2017, Intellisec Solutions is a Montreal, Canada, based offensive security assessment testing provider with a wide range of penetration testing services. In a short span of three (3) years, the company has earned a strong reputation as a competitive, reliable, and affordable security partner to clients located internationally and across a diverse range of industries.

Our founders

Founders of Intellisec Solutions have over 10 years of rich experience in the security domain, with 360+ security assessments under the belt.

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Our team

The Intellisec Solutions team comprises of first-rate individuals with industry-recognized certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) as well as an experience of working closely with the Blue Team and acting as Incident Handler Engineers during security-readiness testing. Coupled with this robust technical knowledge, the team also brings expertise in Project Management and Client Relationship Management.


Efficient approach

At Intellisec Solutions, we work with you with a focus on gaining trust as a cybersecurity partner, and not only on executing assessments and sending testing reports. In our experience, we have seen that many clients do not target the right type of assessment for their requirements. To recognize such crucial misalignments in the early stages, exchanges prior to the establishment of a Statement of Work allow for clearly defining expectations before any actual work is planned and delivered . This proactive approach stems from our philosophy of keeping a virtually non-existent sales team and instead having the best technical brains address your security requirements directly. This helps in maintaining a human touch to our relationship and offering personalized services as per your needs.

Findings relevant to your business

As your cybersecurity partner, we put our skin in your game and deliver reports that are well established and to-the-point. A characteristic feature of our reports is the fact that they always address the 'so-what?' aspect of your security situation and offer clear guidance on the issue at hand.

Competitive pricing

An essential byproduct of the above client-focused philosophy is our pricing. Since we tend towards a lean and efficient organization, we carry little overload associated with sales and management. As a result, we typically charge below the market price, without any loss of quality, speed, or efficiency.

Core values

Our mission is to help our customers increase their security posture by providing efficient assessments that take into account their needs, preoccupations and actual business risks. We strive to do so with Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence.