Protecting your organization through Penentration Testing, Red Teaming, Social Engineering and Recurrent Services

Intellisec Solutions works with you with a focus on gaining trust as a cybersecurity partner

As one of the foremost security expert agencies, Couple that with our commitment to helping you see the big picture of your organization’s security – including understanding evolving attacker motivations and methodologies – and the result is smarter, holistic decision making that is best for your business.

Powered by industry-recognized expertise and nation-state grade threat intelligence sourced from machine, adversary, campaign, and victim intelligence, our cybersecurity services help you outmaneuver your attackers.

Let us resolve your security challenges

Penentration Testing

The best way to anticipate attacks on your IT systems is to mimic the methods of attackers to find vulnerabilities before they do and help you fix them.

Red Teaming

A full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well your people, networks, applications and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.

Social Engineering

Our social engineering engagements go far beyond the automated tools found in many comparison services. We not only provide highly targeted, sophisticated scenarios for each client, but also research both the client organization and its employees to create sophisticated campaigns that ensure the best assessment of your organization.

Unmatched Security Expertise

The best defense is a good offense – certainly so in the cybersecurity arena. Preventing attacks often requires thinking like an attacker. With an exclusive focus on pen testing and offensive security, our business has the advanced expertise to deal with attackers.

Professional, Refined Report Documentation

Documentation is an important piece of ensuring cybersecurity, often as important as the technical depth and research capabilities of a vendor. Without meticulous documentation and penetration test reports, your management, colleagues, and clients do not get a 360-degree understanding of your security scenario. We know this and hence provide thorough documentation at all stages of our association with you. Our excellent reporting capabilities and eye for detail have earned much praise from our past clients.

Continuous Improvement

As the cybersecurity space is ever evolving, continuous improvement is the name of the game. From building our own scripts and toolsets to monitoring and leveraging the best existing tools and attack techniques, we are always looking to improve our capabilities – for the benefit of our clients.

Free Remediation Testing

Intellisec Solutions is committed to performing penetration tests (Re-Testing) until the vulnerabilities are fully remediated or accepted by the customer.


We work with wide organizations across a range of industries.

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