Intellisec Solutions offers comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation planning for your mobile application through first-class mobile application penetration testing services. With up-to-date expertise in both iOS and Android, Intellisec Solutions’s security team provides advanced insights into your local as well as on-device issues, back-end web services, and their APIs. 

Mobile Application
Penetration Testing


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are commonplace today, with both business and public organizations from all domains using them in novel ways. Mobile platforms add additional touchpoints and attack surface to your technology environment, increasing the risk to your organization. Making infrastructure safe from attackers must be a priority for any organization.

Our Methodology

Intellisec Solutions’s mobile penetration testing services are top-notch. They follow the renowned Mobile Security Testing Guide by OWASP, complimented with additional checks based on our testers’ experience and knowledge of the latest attack techniques. You can expect the following:

1. iOS and Android support

Both iOS and Android present distinct security challenges and vulnerabilities. With extensive experience in both mobile architectures, Intellisec Solutions’s team customizes assessments as per your objectives and concerns. Further, each mobile security assessment is carried out from multiple attack viewpoints – including assessing storage vulnerabilities, risk of stolen devices, malware attacks, and unauthenticated app users. We also offer customized scenarios to map organization-wide conditions.

2. Different Analysis Technique

Intellisec Solutions’s mobile security team tests your mobile app from both static and dynamic modes, i.e., at rest and during runtime. This thorough testing identifies all the vulnerabilities. We also target local vulnerabilities such as insecure storage credentials, Android back-ups with sensitive app data, etc.

Further, our mobile security experts can reverse-engineer the apps from both iOS and Android architectures, which often brings forth security risks unidentified before. A full source code review follows, which makes visible deeply-buried vulnerabilities that are rarely encountered in runtime testing.

3.Device Testing

Intellisec Solutions’s security assessments involve testing multiple attack scenarios including security risks on jailbroken iOS and rooted Android phones. Comparison of risks associated with both options allows us to demonstrate security risk from several user types, including attackers and regular users.

4. Detailed and In-depth reports

Documentation is a key aspect of mobile penetration testing. Intellisec Solutions provides thorough documentation with the executive summary and technical details for the reference of the management as well as app development team respectively. The reports contain exhaustive details and can be broken down as follows:

  • Technical summary of app Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Vulnerabilities prioritized by risk
  • Vulnerable Code Sections (if relevant)
  • Attack Walkthrough
  • Recommendations for remediation


We work with wide organizations across a range of industries.

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