What is Phishing​?

Phishing is a fraudulent email sent to a target to obtain access to sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details. Attackers often disguise as a trustworthy entity by establishing some credibility before making the phishing attempt. Although it is one of the oldest cyber attack techniques, it has remained to be a potent threat to individuals and organizations over a period.

What We Offer

INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS’s detailed phishing assessment goes beyond the obvious to help you with:

More Than Just an Automated Service

The real risk to your environment lies far beyond the links circulated in phishing emails. Instead of relying on automated tools that measure the users clicking links, INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS performs a full-attack simulation to identify the impact of phishing.

Detailed Risk Breakdown Report

Two facts go with phishing risk assessment – the probability of an attack and its potential impact on your organization. We provide you with detailed, data-based reports on both counts to help you understand and appreciate the phishing preparedness of your environment.

Targeted Spear phishing Capabilities

Spear phishing is a specific type of phishing that attacks a particular user as opposed to a random group of individuals. Such attacks are more involved, and INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS offers targeted spear phishing capabilities into each social engineering assessment.

Our Methodology

Intellisec Solutions follows the following step-by-step engagement process for phishing assessments.

Rules of Engagement :

This is a pre-engagement phase where the purpose and scope of the assessment are determined jointly with your organization. An outline of the project at hand is built based on questions such as:

  • Which type of phishing attack is to be performed?
  • What is acceptable and what is not?
  • Who will be targeted?
  • Which actions must be performed if an employee falls for the attack?

Reconnaissance and Information Gathering

Since Intellisec Solutions focuses on personalized services, it is imperative to collect relevant information at the beginning. Using this critical information, we perform extensive research to extract information regarding the target company.

Scenario crafting

Crafting the payload is the next critical phase and includes specifics such as identifying departments, user roles, and associated pretext scenarios. Each user is thoroughly assessed for the most successful and targeted engagements.

Assessment Reporting

After carrying out the campaign and integrating insight from all angles, a final report is delivered. The report aims at providing both the high-level executive summary for the management as well as technical details for the security team. The report enumerates a thorough array of risks, along with remedial steps and documentation of successful phishing attempts. Detailed training guides are offered to resolve the uncovered issues.

Employee Education and awareness (Optional)

Clients often seek user training sessions, and we provide them as an optional offering as in-house training sessions. Care is taken to ensure that the same Intellisec Solutions team member that worked on the phishing assessment earlier is available to lead the session. Such an arrangement allows your team to gain practical insights on specifics at hand.


We work with wide organizations across a range of industries.

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