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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are widespread in organizations, but they also represent potential entry points for cybercriminals. Given that they can be seen and attacked by anyone close to the premises, it is essential to assess the security of your Wireless infrastructure to detect and eliminate any loop holes before they are exploited by attackers.

What we offer

INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS’s security assessments can help you identify vulnerabilities and threats to your Wireless infrastructure, understand the damage they could cause and how to remediate them. By using the same techniques as attackers, we highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your environments, so that you can lower your security risk and exposure.

Our Methodology

INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS’s security team leverages a wireless assessment methodology based on industry standards such as the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). It enables us to identify a broad range of weaknesses using methods such as:

  • War driving, to detect rogue Access Points
  • Tests of network segregation, for instance to detect if users of a guest WiFi network can access the corporate network
  • Bypassing WLAN authentication, using techniques like MAC spoofing or Shared key guessing
  • Cracking WLAN encryption, to see if Wireless traffic can be decrypted
  • Testing for default and weak administrative credentials
  • Review of Wireless protocols in use, to detect weak protocols
  • Testing for advanced enterprise attacks (against 802.1x, EAP, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TTLS…)
  • Attacks against the WLAN infrastructure (Rogue devices, Evil Twin Aps, Man-in-The-Middle…)
  • Testing for targeted attacks against Wireless integrity, confidentiality, availability and authentication

As a Wireless penetration test can cover different types of threats and attacks, we start all assessments with a scoping phase. Its goal is to establish with your team the testing required, the scope, goals and timeline.

Once the engagement is started, we first focus on reconnaissance to gather information on your organization’s environment. This allows us to create a testing plan composed of techniques and attacks to test for next.

Vulnerability discovery and exploitation are phases where we combine manual and automated testing to identify and exploit Wireless vulnerabilities such as those mentioned above.

A report is then drafted with details on all technical findings, risks, and prioritized remedial actions.


We work with wide organizations across a range of industries.

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