Find critical vulnerabilities in your public-facing systems and infrastructure.


Our External Penetration Testing services provide a comprehensive evaluation that simulates real attacks on your organization’s external systems. We focus on assessing web interfaces of the network infrastructure and other public assets. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate potential entry points, and empower you to enhance your defenses.

Key Benefits

Risk Mitigation

Improve the overall security posture of the organization and risk management processes by proactively identifying weaknesses. This aims to prevent data breaches, reputation damage, and financial losses while having control over the exposure and attack surface of your systems and infrastructures intended for the public.

Compliance Alignment

Meet regulatory or compliance requirements that mandate regular testing of an organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Expected Results

Perform automated analyses to identify potential vulnerabilities exposed on the Internet concerning external assets.

Identify active hosts, open ports, and services running on the external network to assess potential entry points for attackers.

Evaluate the exploitability of identified vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access or control over network assets.

Assess the strength and effectiveness of password policies and overall management of credentials.

Evaluate the ability to maintain access and move laterally within the network after an initial breach.

Compliance with Standards

We adapt our tests to the following standards without limiting ourselves.

Our Certifications


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