Assess your employees resilience against baits.


Our Social Engineering service is designed to strengthen your organization’s defenses against the subtle art of human manipulation. By simulating real scenarios, we uncover vulnerabilities that malicious actors exploit. Our team of seasoned experts will test your security measures, ensuring you stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Key Benefits

Risk Mitigation

Identify weaknesses in your security posture and address them proactively. Our service helps you minimize the risk of social engineering attacks.

Employee Awareness

Educate your staff about the tactics used by cybercriminals and malicious actors. We raise awareness among your team to recognize and resist social engineering attempts.


Demonstrate compliance with industry norms and regulations with regular social engineering assessments.

Expected Outcomes

Conduct phishing simulation campaigns to assess employees' ability to detect and respond to phishing emails.

Evaluate users’ propensity to click on malicious links in emails.

Analyze employees' caution when downloading and opening email attachments.

Test the effectiveness of impersonating trusted internal or external sources in phishing emails.

Use psychological manipulation to assess employees' reactions to social engineering tactics in emails.

Encourage employees to report suspicious emails and raise awareness of phishing-related threats.

Compliance with Standards and Regulations

We tailor our tests to the following standards and norms without being limited to them.

Our Certifications

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