Ensure the security of your Thick-Thin client app from the inside out.


Our Thick-Thin Client Intrusion Testing services are designed to strengthen the security of your applications by meticulously evaluating locally installed desktop applications. Whether you are a software provider, a business, or a governmental agency, our experts meticulously assess your thick-thin client applications to identify vulnerabilities and enhance your overall security posture.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Evaluation

We delve into your thick-thin client application, examining authentication mechanisms, data storage, and communication channels. Our holistic approach ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Customized Solutions

Our team tailors testing methodologies to match your specific application architecture, ensuring relevant and actionable results.

Expert Insights

Receive detailed reports with actionable recommendations. Our expert guide through the remediation steps allows you to secure your applications effectively.

Expected Outcomes

Examine the security of the code and application logic to identify potential weaknesses.

Analyze communication channels between the client and backend servers to spot potential security weaknesses.

Evaluate how the application handles user authentication and access to various features.

Ensure that user inputs are correctly validated and sanitized to prevent common vulnerabilities.

Perform static and dynamic analysis to understand the internal workings of the application and identify potential security risks.

Check for potential Dynamic Link Library (DLL) hijacking vulnerabilities in the client application.

Compliance with Standards

We tailor our tests to the standards and regulations listed below, but not limited to.

Our Certifications

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