Vulnerability Assessment

Intellisec Solutions’s vulnerability assessment services help your organization gain visibility of assets and services exposed to the Internet, and test the effectiveness of security controls in place and whether they withstand the latest cyber threats. We provide a report that highlights weaknesses and misconfigurations that can be mitigated to reduce your risk exposure.


What is Vulnerability Assessment​?

Vulnerability assessments involve automated scanning of your network infrastructure. They are essential to integrate into any organization’s testing processes, as they provide a cost-effective, one-time or recurrent protection. They constitute a nice complement to full penetration tests which are generally conducted on a less frequent basis.

Our Methodology

Our step-by-step approach towards digital footprint assessment includes the following key aspects.

Information Gathering

Although vulnerability assessments are by definition based on running automated scanners, INTELLISEC SOLUTIONS’s methodology involves validating all findings manually to provide you with the most accurate reports, free of false positives. The most relevant tools are selected based on your specific needs and systems. Scans can be performed as a one-time occurrence or regularly on your schedule. Then results are analyzed and verified (not exploited) before being included in the report written by our consultants.

In order to facilitate access to your internal networks by our testers, we suggest three methods:

  • Local tests by moving to your facilities
  • Remote access by VPN
  • Remote access through a customized Virtual Machine we provide that you deploy on your internal networks. It provides us with remote access through an encrypted tunnel  without you having to configure anything.


We work with wide organizations across a range of industries.

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